Fiber Types


Blue Faced Leicester: easy to spin, next-to-the-skin soft, resists pilling. This British breed wool is our best selling fiber. It has a long staple, good crimp, and is lustrous. BFL drafts evenly and easily for effortless spinning.

Merino: next-to-the-skin soft, has characteristic spring, and felts like a dream. Our Merino is 21 micron, delightfully soft, and has that spring to it that makes it so nice to work with. We’ve sourced this Merino for it’s long staple and subtle sheen. Merino is ideal for wet felting—especially nuno felting with fabrics. 

Polwarth: the new favorite in wool! Polwarth is a breed created from Merino and Lincoln sheep. This means the fiber is next-to-the-skin soft, like Merino, but has a longer staple, like Lincoln. Spinners will find it drafts more evenly and easily than Merino—but still has the softness and springiness that we love about Merino. This popular fiber is at the top of everyone’s wish list.  

BFL-Silk: silky sheen and crimp in an easy-to-spin blend (70% oatmeal Blue Faced Leicester, 30% Tussah silk). For this blend, oatmeal colored BFL is combined with fine tussah silk to create an easy-to-spin top which has a heathered look and jewel-like sheen. Colorways are darker and more dramatic—without losing the characteristic highs and lows of our hand-dyeing process. BFL-silk is soft, shiny, and a delight to spin.

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Merino Sparkle: next-to-the-skin-soft Merino gets a ribbon of sparkle (65% 21 micron Merino, 35% nylon sparkle). We love our Merino—and this exclusive blend adds a bit of fun. Sparkle fibers drink up the dye adding a darker ribbon of shimmer throughout the top. This blend spins much like any Merino, the degree of drama the sparkle adds depends on how much—if any—pre-drafting is done. Our Merino-Sparkle blend can be used for felting. The sparkle fibers won’t felt, but swirl and curl on the surface. 

BFL SparkleOur newest fiber is a BFL Sparkle blend comprised of 70% Blue Faced Leicester wool and 30% nylon sparkle. This blend is easy to spin and has just enough sparkle to add a little twinkle.

Silky Cashmerino: super soft, silk adds sheen, cashmere adds a downy halo (70% superfine Merino, 15% mulberry silk, 15% cashmere). We’re having this blend milled especially for us from our favorite luxury fibers. Superfine Merino is nearly cashmere soft, mulberry silk dyes beautifully with an amazing sheen, and cashmere down gives this blend a soft hand and that characteristic hint of a fuzzy halo. 

Opulence: a blend of exotic luxury fibers (30% superfine merino, 30% tussah silk, 20% baby camel down, 20% royal alpaca). We wanted a deluxe fiber blend with something different to attract the spinner that already has a stash of fine fibers. After sampling and spinning almost a dozen blends this one was by far the most amazing fiber we’ve ever spun. The camel fibers are soft and downy like cashmere, and royal baby alpaca is the finest grade of alpaca available in the world. Together these four fibers spin into a super soft, silky yarn with a downy halo.

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