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Oh my, we’ve been off our road trip track for a while! We’ll hop back on in KY this week, visiting our friends at The Woolery. You can find them online or at 315 St. Clair in Frankfort, KY.

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FF&WY: Why/when/how did your shop come to be?

TW: The Woolery was established in upstate NY in 1981, selling sheep and angora rabbits as well as spinning and weaving supplies; we relocated to North Carolina briefly, and found our eventual (final) home here in the beautiful Bluegrass State of Kentucky!


FF&WY: What makes your shop unique?

TW: Our customer service team definitely sets us apart from a lot of retailers. We have customers who know our staff on a first name basis, and even ask for them by name on the phone with specific questions. It is not uncommon for a staff member to receive thank you cards or gifts from appreciative customers year-round! We also have a wonderful, large showroom, with dozens of wheels and looms set up for customers to ‘try before they buy’ or learn to troubleshoot on. We get a lot of random requests and queries, as well: one gentleman in Scotland, an archaeologist, needed a historically accurate spindle to display with some beautiful medieval spindle whorls he had uncovered, and came to us for help finding one.

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FF&WY: What do you love about your town? If an out of town guest came to visit, where would you take them?

TW: Frankfort is a delightful place to visit! Buffalo Trace Distillery is right here, just a mile or so away, and is a premiere destination for very fine bourbon, as well as boasting beautiful grounds and offering hourly free distillery tours. We also have both the new and old state capitol buildings (some would say our capitol building is the prettiest in the country), the Kentucky History Center, Rebecca Ruth Candy Factory (try the bourbon balls), and the Kentucky River which flows right through the middle of our downtown! Frankfort Cemetery hosts numerous Kentucky governors in respite, as well as famed explorer Daniel Boone, and has a breathtaking overlook of the river valley. It’s a truly beautiful, historic little town.

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FF&WY: Fiber Emergency!

TW: We got a frantic call late one afternoon from a production studio that needed flax tow shipped overnight to Canada for a new movie being filmed.  We had it in stock, and arranged for the international, overnight delivery.  Several months later, Academy Award winning The Revenant was released in theaters…with our flax tow used as a prop! We sent two spinning wheels once to a penguin rescue reserve in the Falkland Islands, to be used at the B&B for demonstrations on how to spin the famous Falkland sheep wool!

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FF&WY: What is your favorite yarn brand?

TW: Our Bluegrass Mills 6/2 cotton comes in so many great, rich colors and is such a versatile fiber, I’d say that’s the latest addiction. It weaves beautifully!

 Many thanks to the kind folks at The Woolery for spending some time with us today. Please join us next week when we stop at Nomad Yarns in Plainfield, IN!