nstitches-square-96aNatural Stitches is where our fifth pin has dropped at 6401 Penn Ave. in Pittsburgh, PA! We thank them so much for sharing in our virtual LYS road trip. 🙂

FF&WY: Why/when/how did your shop come to be?

NS: Our shop opened in November of 2007, after seeing a need in the Pittsburgh area for a full-service yarn store.

FF&WY: What makes your shop unique?

NS: Natural Stitches is unique because of the amazing team of knitters, crocheters and spinners who work here!  We have a thoughtful and fun staff who truly enjoy helping customers — whether it’s finding the perfect yarn for their project or learning a new technique.


FF&WY: What do you love about your town? If a visitor came from out of town, which places near you would you suggest that they visit?

NS: What’s NOT to love about Pittsburgh?  We have fantastic museums, great sports teams, an amusement park, a beautiful zoo, the National Aviary, and more bridges than any other city in the world.  (Really!  Look it up!

FF&WY: Do you have regular social meet-ups, like a knit night or KALs? Does someone bring the best cookies ever and want to share their recipe?

NS: We have knit nights on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings, but we always say that anytime the doors are open, we love to have visitors!  This year, we are having a series of knit-alongs called our Shawl Adventure, where each shawl that we knit will teach a new skill.  And manager Yvonne makes killer brownies but refuses to give out her recipe.  😉

FF&WY: What’s your best “Yarn Emergency” story?

Recently we had a customer who had dropped some stitches come to the shop. Her mom (who resides in California) had taught her to knit over the holiday break.  Customer called mom and said “I’ve made a mistake, help.”  Mom said “Find a yarn store, walk in and beg for forgiveness.”


FF&WY: What are the most popular patterns/yarn bases/colors among your customers right now?

NS: Currently, the First Point of Libra shawl from Laura Aylor is one of our most popular patterns. Not only do we have a knit-along centered around this shawl, but it makes use of the ever-popular gradient kits from Frabjous!  I think since we announced the KAL I’ve had to reorder twice, and our normally well-stocked shelves are still a little bare, because we sell at least a kit a day for this!

FF&WY: What is your favorite yarn brand (yes, this is a trick question)? 🙂

NS: Well, just since you’re asking, we’d have to say Frabjous Fibers.  Of course we carry yarns from the big boys (Cascade, Berroco, Rowan, Universal) but our small hand-dyers and independent companies like Frabjous, Yarn Hollow, Baah and Reywa are very near and dear to our hearts. 

FF&WY: Also, we love hilarious, heartbreaking or hilarious AND heartbreaking knitting stories. Entertain us!

NS:. One of the funniest stories involves someone whose bamboo needles got too close to the flame when she was cooking dinner. Our customer came in, head hung in shame, with a burned needle tip. A load of laughter followed when she told the story. We are also often asked if we sell odd items such as: “Mexican Things” (we have no idea what kind of “things”), Mason jars, puppies (no, we’re not kidding), diamonds, and our favorite was “Do you carry yarn, or just this stuff?”

HA! Well, we’re pretty sure Natural Stitches has plenty of yarn, so if you’re in Pittsburgh, check them out and get your knit on!