I might have gone a little crazy with the color changes on my LightWaves shawl, and ended up with this:


Melody had lots of ends to weave in, too, and she just up and skipped that step, the brilliant creature:


If bowties aren’t your thing, or the end-bits make you want to throw things, check out this great article, Weaving in Your Ends, over at The Purl Bee. I’m feeling pretty enlightened, and also pretty inspired to start sharing all the things we’ve learned, as a collective group of knitters here at Frabjous Fibers, on techniques and tricks to make knitting more fun, productive, and awesome-looking. Also, we have lots of questions and hang-ups of our own, and what better way to find the answers than to do some research and present our findings. To YOU!

Enter, Tutorial Tuesdays! with the gang here at Frabjous Fibers. As-Close-to-Every-Tuesday-as-Possible, we’ll be sharing tips, techniques, and tricks on our new YouTube channel. Possibly studio shenanigans.


To get this ball rolling, we want to know what you have questions about. What do you need help with? What’s a German short row? What is Carson’s favorite color? Who is he, anyway? We can answer these questions, and more.

Throw some questions our way in the comments on this post, and we’ll enter you into a giveaway drawing for one of our new colorways on yarn or fiber (your choice!). Give us some fuel for our informative-yet-entertaining fire! Yow!

A winner will be drawn on Sunday night!


Shannon and Team Frabjous

ETA: Let’s extend this a few more days, so we can get some more comments in! We won’t be starting Tutorial Tuesdays! until after TNNA, so we have a little extra time. 🙂