…has turned into the Mile High Blogging Club, as I had a little run-in with TSA this morning.


It turns out the Firefly motor looks a might suspicious on the scanner, but one of the guys with a mechanical mind recognized that it was, in fact, a motor, and brought my bag to the examination table. Somehow, during the unpacking and conversing and repacking, a screw was misplaced and, for a while, I thought I couldn’t use the machine. It turns out it’s not as important as I thought it was (I should still be able to spin, just won’t be able to lift up the whole thing by the handle until I jury-rig it), so I’ll be good to go later on today. I’ll have a lot of catching up to do! Check out some of the action so far:


Haley’s gorgeous work on her Three Feet of Sheep in Tourmaline


Amy’s beautiful 2-ply, also a Three Feet of Sheep colorway


Joanna’s action shot


Stephanie’s prep


Molly’s busy day


And my contribution from the other day.


Yesterday, our theme/challenge was to try a new-to-you fiber type. Collectively, we tried vegan wool, bison, rose bushes (!!!), Gottland, soffsilk, bamboo, and more!

Today, we’re exploring new techniques.

Also, I am posting this from an airplane. What a strange world we live in! I may not be spinning in my seat, but at least I have knitting. And the internet. Happy spinning, friends!