Casapinka Snark-o-Meter MKAL

Casapinka Snark-o-Meter MKAL

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Kits are hand-dyed to order. Expect 8-10 business days to ship.  Kits will be available to order on Mary Ann.

Casapinka + Sharon from Security are releasing the new Snark-O-Meter MKAL in the next two weeks and we are soooo ready for it! Kits will be available to order tomorrow morning! Check back soon for the link. ⁠

We were inspired by some color combinations that remind us of Fall … and some kit combos that we’ve wanted to find a perfect pattern for. ⁠Pattern available on Ravelry.

From Ravelry: The Snark-o-meter stars Sharon From Security (the snarkiest!), Fin from Interpol, with special appearances by Jean from I.T. and Kit Kat (the Resting Hiss Face.) There are 6 clues over 6 weeks. There is a pre-clue out now with a schematic and a Pre-Clue drink (The Flamethrower) so go and have some fun with it!

The Snark-o-meter is a design for a rectangular shawl, approx. 20” wide and approx. 64” long. You will receive 6 clues over 6 weeks along with Mocktail and Cocktail recipes from the crew. It’s quite adaptable to length but please do not ask us to modify the width for you. If you would like to adapt it, yourself, please do! Expect a lot of SNARK during the 6 weeks. If being told off by a cat is an issue, rethink this, immediately!

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