Hand Dyed Silk Hankies

Hand Dyed Silk Hankies

Hand-dyed Spinning Fibers

Silk Fibers


100% Silk Cocoon, 10″ x 10″, 1 oz. bundle



These silk hankies, or matawa silk squares, are individual silk cocoons that have been opened and spread onto a square frame. Each bundle contains layers and layers of light-as-air silk fiber panels that are easily peeled away into very thin sheets.

Silk hankies can be spun or knit! Separate a layer, stretch a hole in the center and keep stretching evenly until you have made a large loop in the thickness you desire. Also great for felting projects.

Available in solids, multicolor, and assorted (mix of 3 – 5 different colors from our solids and multicolor colorways).

Hand-dyed in Brattleboro, VT

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100 Charcoal, 101 Denim, 102 Moss, 103 Mulberry, 104 Oxblood, 105 Sapphire, 106 Sherbert, 107 Teal, 200 Aurora, 201 Black Light, 202 Camille, 203 Chocolate Cherry, 204 Daffodil, 205 Deep Space, 206 Farmers' Market, 207 Moulin Rouge, 208 Persephone, 209 Pixie, 210 Redwood Forest, 211 Spilled Ink, 212 Tulip, 213 Fade Out, 214 Cathedral, 215 Poseidon, 999 Assorted


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