Lasso Scarf Kit

Lasso Scarf Kit

Fair Trade Yarns


Sari Ribbon


Recycled Sari Yarn and Ribbon, Pattern Included



The Lasso Scarf is an instant-gratification project that has caught on like wildfire! In an hour or two, even a beginner can crank out this scarf and be thrilled with the results. The colors and textures of assorted recycled fiber yarns mixed with the appeal of Sari Ribbon yarn make this simple design a must-have accessory. You won’t be able to stop at just one, either: different fibers, whether they contrast or compliment, create a different look from the same pattern.

Yarns and pattern come packaged in general color selections of cool, warm, or neutral (colorways shown are examples, and actual kits will vary). We’ll choose the most complimentary combo of ribbon and yarn that we have in stock for your unique kit!

Material: Kit with pattern and instructions, two skeins of Sari Ribbon and one skein of Recycled Silk yarn.

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Cool, Warm, Neutral


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