Mini-skein Pack, Cheshire Cat

Mini-skein Pack, Cheshire Cat

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Cheshire Cat light fingering

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Mini-skein Packs


5-oz Mini-skein Pack, Cheshire Cat light fingering weight

such a speck


Our signature light fingering weight, Cheshire Cat is our go-to for projects that benefit from a lovely drape. Soft, springy, and with generous yardage.

Each pack contains five 1-oz skeins. Choose from Gradients, Color Morphs, and our curated Color Collections for all your colorwork (and play) needs! Coordinates beautifully with our 4-oz skeins. Check out our Pattern Suggestion page.

Five 1-oz skeins per pack, 128 yards each; total 640 yards

Gauge: 28-30 sts = 4″; Needles: US 1-3 recommended

Hand-dyed in Brattleboro, VT

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Mini-skein Packs

110 Long Tall Tale, 111 Lost in a Dream, 112 Tea Leaves, 94 Such a Specktackle!, 95 Tiny Treats on a Tuesday, 101 Mad Tea Party (Color Collections), 103 Breakfast Tea (Color Collections), 104 Land of Wonders (Color Collections), 105 Opposite of Boredom (Color Collections), 13 Jabberwocky (Color Collections), 14 Cats in the Coffee (Color Collections), 15 Mice in the Tea (Color Collections), 16 Shillings & Pence (Down the Rabbit Hole Gradients), 17 Phantomwise (DTRH Gradients), 18 Jub-Jub Bird (DTRH Gradients), 19 TumTum Tree (DTRH Gradients), 21 Too Much Pepper (DTRH Gradients), 22 Off with Her Red! (DTRH Gradients), 23 Mince Pie (DTRH Gradients), 24 Mome Rath (DTRH Gradients), 25 Mimsy (DTRH Gradients), 26 Hookah Smoke (DTRH Gradients), 27 Handsome Pig (DTRH Gradients), 28 Out of Temper (DTRH Gradients), 29 Hedge-rows (DTRH Gradients), 3 Jewels Part 1 (Color Collections), 30 Salmon to Yellow (Color Morphs), 31 Fuchsia to Turquoise (Color Morphs), 32 Fuchsia to Turquoise Shadow (Color Morphs), 33 Lime to Turquoise Shadow (Color Morphs), 34 Pa-pink-a (Color Morphs), 35 Pool of Tears (Color Morphs), 36 With What Porpoise? (Color Morphs), 37 Melon-jolly (Color Morphs), 38 Tea with Cream (Color Morphs), 39 The Walrus & the Carpenter (Color Morphs), 4 Jewels Part 2 (Color Collections), 40 Yellow to Lime Shadow (Color Morphs), 41 Yellow to Fuchsia Shadow (Color Morphs), 42 Slithy Serpent (Color Morphs), 43 Burning in Brandy (Color Morphs), 46 Gyre & Gimble (Color Collections), 47 Golden Afternoon (Color Collections), 49 Firelight's Ruddy Glow (Color Collections), 50 So Bright & Sticky (Color Collections), 51 In a Nutshell: Neon Collection (Color Collections), 52 In a Nutshell: Jewel Collection (Color Collections), 53 In a Nutshell: Dark Rainbow Collection (Color Collections), 54 In a Nutshell: Lights Collection (Color Collections), 55 In a Whisper (Color Collections), 56 Summer Sunset (Color Collections), 57 Coal & Scuttles (Color Collections), 58 Toast & Jam (Color Collections), 59 Star of Mischief (Color Collections), 61 'Cause Everyone Likes It! (Color Collections), 62 The King's Argument (Color Collections), 64 5,000,000 Kisses (Color Morphs), 66 Quantity of Poetry (Color Collections), 67 Out of Print (Color Collections), 68 Summer Glory (Color Collections), 70 Storm-wind (DTRH Gradients), 71 Sea-glass (DTRH Gradients), 72 Dessert Wine (DTRH Gradients), 73 Rocking-horse-fly (DTRH Gradients), 74 Caterpillar (DTRH Gradients), 75 All-Aglow (DTRH Gradients), 76 Soul's Affection (DTRH Gradients), 77 End of the Wood (DTRH Gradients), 78 September (DTRH Gradients), 79 Black Pearl (DTRH Gradients), 999 Coordinating Assorted (Color Collections)


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