Nettle Yarn

Nettle Yarn

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100% Nettle, handspun

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Nettle fiber yarns have been used for centuries in Nepal. The yarns are woven, crocheted, and knitted into many different types of items–everything from clothing and ceremonial accessories to fishing nets and bags.

Our nettle yarns are completely natural and made without the uses of chemicals or machines. Nettle, also called Alloo, is gathered from wild plants. The fibers are processed and spun by hand in villages in Nepal. The resulting yarn has a natural and rustic appeal.

Like linen, it will soften with wear. Nettle is a natural moth repellant and is often used in Nepal for backing wool carpets.

Note: Most balls will contain some hand-tied breaks.

Material: 100% Nettle

Size: Approximately 250 yards per 100 gram ball

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