Secret Staircase Shawl

Secret Staircase Shawl

Luminous Colors Collection

Wonderland Yarns

5-skein Packs

Mad Hatter sport


Mini-skein Packs




knitting pattern, PDF


This simple, top-down triangle shawl gives you hints of color along the way, foreshadowing the colorful fade finale. The pattern is easily memorized and quickly finished. It will leave you wanting to knit another with different colors to see how they interact.

Yarn: One 4 oz skein and one mini skein pack of Mad Hatter sport weight (5 minis)
–shown in Luminous Colors a “dyed for fades” collection
MC: Moonbeams, CC: Begin at the Beginning
–choose a contrasting color for MC and mini skeins that are “cousins” meaning that they have a similar look/hue/saturation so that they blend seamlessly

Skill level: You can do it!

Secret Staircase Shawl full fade closeup of Secret Staircase Shawl


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