Spit, spot, off you pop! Mini Skein Pack

Spit, spot, off you pop! Mini Skein Pack

Limited Edition

Wonderland Yarns

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Limited Edition Mini-skein Pack colorway



This limited edition set was dyed for our Mini Skein Pack Club and we happened to have some leftovers.

These colors were dyed just once for club–so when they’re gone, they’re gone.  Be sure you have enough for your project!

The colors: Four of the colors in this mini skein collection have been created by layering different shades and hues of dye to create complexities within a single color.  The fifth skein got a speckling of all the colors.

The name:  “I watch a lot of British TV, and this is one of my favorite phrases—heard often on the Great British Baking Show.  When Wonderland Yarns first began, we pulled all our names from the books Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.  After five or so years of yarn names, we’ve been starting to get low on options!  So, this one is from a list that I keep of fun random British words and phrases…and we always love suggestions!”  –Stephanie




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Cheshire Cat fingering, Mad Hatter sport, March Hare worsted, Mary Ann sock, Queen of Hearts MCN fingering


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