Three Feet of Sheep, Six Sheep Sampler

Three Feet of Sheep, Six Sheep Sampler

Hand-dyed Spinning Fibers

Three Feet of Sheep


6 sheep’s wool fiber bases to try, 8 oz.

This is a feature

This is a featured #2


Our Six Sheep Sampler features wool from six different sheep breeds, each represented in a different color. Each fiber type has its own personality, but the types are sufficiently similar to be used together in a sampler project. Breeds included are Merino, BFL, Corriedale, Perendale, Falkland, and Organic Polwarth. The colors are rich and saturated shades.

Some ways to use

Hey this is a great way to use this yarn, we have more tips and tricks you can use over on this page. Enjoy

Wash Instructions

Be careful when washing you may run into issues. Use hand washing only to guarentee no fade!


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