Devan is the Blossoms Mama.  Drawing from her background in floral design she created our line of Blossoms–color-morphing cakes of color!

Devan is fond of bright colors and creating texture in her projects. She learned to crochet in high school, but didn’t explore the hobby in depth until starting up with the enablers here at Frabjous Fibers. We’re not sorry. Her favorite items to make are granny squares, the more elaborate the better, and designers she’s into are Jen Tyler, Dedri Uys, and Polly Plum, and she’s dipping her toes in designing crochet motifs of her own.

In the world outside Frabjous, Devan recently received her EMT certification, but does not plan on pursuing EMS work full time. How could she possibly give up her sweet, sweet employee discount on yarn?? She is also the proud guardian of the BEST dog in the world, Rahma!