Did we mention how much we appreciate all the great feedback on our survey?

There are some fantastic suggestions that we will no doubt incorporate into our 2015 line-up. Blues, though: darlings, we have you covered! If you haven’t seen any of these colorways at your LYS, request that they help you get your blues on with some our offerings on the cooler end of the spectrum:


Looking Glass is our iciest hue of blue;

seaography on fingering

Seaography a bright pop;

wool and water on sport

Wool & Water is our truest blue;


Muchness, the richest and most popular, with undertones of purple;

sleeping gryphon

Sleeping Gryphon is steely;


and Caterpillar is a luscious teal.


Shillings and Pence comes in a Down the Rabbit Hole gradient pack,

and also a 4-oz. skein of grey-blue:


Personally, I’ve got my eyes on Seaography for a Color Craving shawl, paired with Too Much Pepper and We’re All Mad Here. Not familiar with the latter? Stay tuned because tomorrow we’ll explore the greens!