Frequently asked questions regarding our subscription yarn clubs…

Q: How many yarn clubs do you offer?

A: Currently, we have three monthly yarn clubs: Garden Society Club, DeSTITCHnation, and Sock Club.

Q: Do all clubs include patterns?

A: Yes!  Each month's yarn will also come with a pattern designed with that colorway and month's theme in mind.

Q: Can I choose the yarn base? (ie. Cheshire Cat fingering, Mad Hatter sport)

A: Our clubs mix it up each month: Blossom’s Garden Society features fingering or sport; DeSTITCHnation is an assortment of most all our bases--as well as the occasional guest.

Q: Are the patterns knit or crochet?

A: As crocheting grows in popularity, we’re trying to work in more crochet patterns. Blossom’s Garden Society alternates monthly between knit and crochet. DeSTITCHnation features a crochet pattern each quarter.

Q: How difficult are the club patterns?

A: Our patterns are designed to be simple and fun, but also interesting. If you know the basic stitches, chances are you’ll do just fine. Patterns always include instructions for working each type of stitch. Occasionally we feature a lace pattern or something that is a little more challenging. However, we have a growing list of patterns for all our yarns and would be happy to suggest something inside your comfort zone if the pattern for that month is too challenging.

Q: How long does each club run?

A: DeSTITCHnation & Blossom's Garden Society are constants, the theme changes in January and continues through December.  Sock Club is quarterly, and currently ending in March--but this may change.  You can subscribe or cancel at any time.

Q: I missed a few months—do you have extras?

A: Sometimes! You can reach out and ask, here.

Q: Do you offer a club for spinning fibers?

A: Not at the moment, but will likely add another one soon!

Q: How does cancelling work?

A: You can cancel your club subscription at any time through the club portal, or by reaching out to us. Your current subscription will run until it is completed but will not renew after you cancel. In other words, if you have a six month subscription and cancel at four months, you will receive two more month’s boxes after you cancel, but it will not renew for the next six months. And we always want you to be happy with our yarns, so never hesitate to reach out if there is ever an issue.

Q: How can I login and view my account?

A. Visit the club portal here.

Q. I’m going on vacation/busy in my garden/need a break can I skip a month?

A. Definitely, you can skip up to two months. You can use your account page in the club portal to turn your subscription off and on.  Keep in mind that it's a skip and not a pause, so the months skipped most likely will not be available for purchase later.