What should I make with this???

We’re glad you asked! We have a pattern shop on Ravelry, and if you search any of our yarn bases in the Ravelry database, you can see thousands of other projects knitters have paired with our yarns. For Mini-skein Packs, specifically, we have a running list of some of our faves.

Where do you source your yarns? And what about mulesing?

Our yarns are spun in the United States and Peru, and the fiber is sourced from South America and South Africa. Our fibers come from mulesing-free sources.

My skein has a knot. Is that typical?

Not generally! However, we use small mills to produce our yarn bases, and small mills produce in small batches! Sometimes, this means a skein may have a knot as it was spun during a bridge between batches, so yes, knots happen from time to time. There are many clever ways to hide them, though! Have you ever tried the Russian Join, the Braided Join, or the Magic Double Knot? Our yarn is superwash, so try some of these techniques, as spit-splicing will not work as well.

How do I turn my skein into a ball?

Our two favorite methods are to use a swift and skein winder (worth the investment if you’re an avid knitter!), or the good old-fashioned buddy method. Buddy method? Yes, it’s great bonding time! Have your friend hold open the skein of yarn while you hand-wind it into a ball. If you don’t have a buddy in the immediate vicinity, two chairs work just fine! Here’s a great little tutorial on winding into a center-pull ball with a toilet paper tube or paper towel roll. Happy balling!

How do I wash/block my Finished Object?

Although our yarn is superwash, we recommend hand-washing your finished knits, for the sake of longevity. Warm water and unscented wool wash are best. Did you know that some scents and essential oils can pull dye from textiles? If you are working with colors that have notorious bleed-potential (turquoise and fuchsia based, specifically) or have highly contrasting colors, it is best to test-wash your swatches (you do swatch, don’t you??) before you wash a finished project you have spent many blissful hours making. We recommend drying flat, and if your item needs to be blocked, you can do this on blocking mats, or a towel.

Speaking of dye, what kind of dye do you use?

We use acid dyes, which are so named for the pH required to set the dye. We use a simple food grade vinegar to set our professional dyes.

Is your yarn colorfast/lightfast?

The aforementioned dyes we use are professional grade acid dyes that are colorfast and lightfast. We exhaust our dyes carefully and completely. However, there are certain colors that are quite saturated and/or difficult to exhaust, for any dyer, and so we caution that you test-wash with colors that are based on turquoise, fuchsia, and red.

Are your felt bags fair trade?

Yes! Our felt bags are made from our designs by a group of artisans in Nepal. Felt-making is a traditional craft in their culture, which has made a comeback in recent years in the form of fun, brightly-colored items. These items are all fair trade. We work with a family-owned company, employing a skilled group of artisans under excellent working conditions.