Lamb’s Tail, Down the Rabbit Hole Gradients

Lamb’s Tail, Down the Rabbit Hole Gradients

Hand-dyed Spinning Fibers

Lamb's Tail


spinning fiber, 5 oz.



Lamb’s Tail was inspired by our popular Three Feet of Sheep and the Wonderland Yarns Mini-skein Pack colorways.

Each package contains 1-oz each of 5 colors, and you can choose from the following fiber types:

BFL: our most popular fiber type, Blue-faced Leicester is next-to-the-skin soft and easy to spin. A perfect combination!

Merino: the springy-softness you know and love, this 21.5-micron merino is fantastic for felting and spinning.

Lucky Baaahboo: comprised of superwash Merino, bamboo, and nylon, this fiber is the perfect blend of softness, silkiness, and strength. “Boo,” as we like to call it, is great for spinning for socks, shawls, babywear, and anything you want to be able to wash and wear. NOTE: We are discontinuing this base and it will not be restocked.

Hand-dyed in Brattleboro, VT

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Dormouse, Handsome Pig, Off with Her Red!, Phantomwise, Sea-glass, Shillings & Pence, Too Much Pepper, Soles & Eels

Fiber Base

BFL, Merino, Lucky Baaahboo


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