Jillian is the face of Frabjous as our Office Administrator, and will always greet you with a smile over the phone or the interwebs. She’s responsible for answering all your burning questions, entering orders, and making sure our yarn and fibers get to where they need to go!

Ever since knitting clicked for Jillian, she’s wanted to work in the industry. Being surrounded by yarn at home brings her happiness, so working in an environment entirely overrun by yarn is like being at home away from home. It’s her dream job, and it shows!

Jillian is a color-obsessed, self-taught knitter, and even with the boyfriend-bestowed moniker of “Mo Stitches” cannot knit fast enough with Wonderland Yarns! She swoons over every colorway out of the dyepots, and if she didn’t have landlords, her house might look like a crayon factory exploded in it. Every color is fair game for adoration, wearing, and/or knitting. We’re glad she stumbled upon a yarn shop one day during a college outing and thought, “I’d like to learn that.”