'Under the Mistletoe' 2023 Holiday Collection Mini-Skein Pack

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This is a preorder. Orders will ship the beginning of October.


Jingle your holiday with these fun and vibrant retro yarn colorways! Each colorway is inspired by a 1950's era holiday song and is available to order on our usual bases and more. Colorways will be posted once they come out of the dye pots - no secrets here!

Choose from the following options:

• Available to order on Mad Hatter or Mary Ann yarn bases. 

Don't forget to check out our other options too:
All colors are available to order on any of our bases
• A special Limited Edition fiber cupcake set

Packs are starting to ship now!


<P><B>Our yarns are hand-dyed on the following bases:</B></P>
<P><B>Mad Hatter</b> — 100% sw merino — sport weight — 20-24 sts = 4” —
8 oz/ 688 yds</P>
<P><B>Mary Ann</B> — 85% sw merino, 15% nylon — fingering/sock weight — 28-30 sts = 4” — 8 oz/ 944 yds</P>

For more details on all our yarn bases, <a href="/yarn-bases/" target="_blank">click here.</a></p>