Vanity Fair - Tour of the Season April 2024

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Our April 'Tour of the Season' yarn club colorway was inspired by Vanity Fair. Vanity Fair, a timeless classic, intricately weaves together the lives and ambitions of its characters within the vibrant tapestry of 19th-century English society. Much like our colorway, this saturated olive with hints of teal was inspired from the costumes and home comforts of the times. This latest colorway is the fourth in the club palette and is accompanied with three coordinating colorways if desired.    

Join us on this Limited Edition yarn club which is winding on a journey through a selection of classic novels as we unveil handpicked yarns reminiscent of the story's beloved characters and some of their most elegant parties.
These skeins won't last long, so be sure to grab yours before they vanish into the night!

What's Included:
April's Limited Edition Colorway — 'Rue de la Blanchisserie' — contains either a download code for the base pattern of Cheshire Cat or if you select Mad Hatter, it will also include the download code for our fourth Block of the Month square motif patterns for both knitting and crochet. 
Each skein of this color also will come with a custom designed stitch marker set and a work-in-progress postcard invitation from a gathering or event in the novel. 
Tonal friends:
If you wish to coordinate your new skein with alternate colorways, we have three options! Each skein listed comes with no additional items. 
Mrs. Sharp — a high and low variation of our Raven — a dark velvety purple. 
Mr. Crawley — a high and low variation of Ink. 
The Marquis of Steyne — a rich teal with high and low variations. 
Each label has a download code for access to your pattern library OR an additional download code for our second Block of the Month square motif patterns.