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Changing Seasons Temperature Project

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$7.00 - $420.00




All items are typically in-stock and should ship within 1-3 business days.


Come explore the changing seasions with us as we make progress on our own temperature projects! This year we've added lots of options for your pattern choices, with a knitting and crochet packet, and are removing the mystery! You can plan this project early and get a head start on your New Year.  

Each colorway comes individually labeled or in 4oz skeins to help make this project more suitable to your location. Our updated temperature chart should help you decide which colors will work for your region as we begin to plan out our year of color! 

Each Mary Ann mini has ~ 118 yards per mini and a 4 oz skein has 475 yards. Most colors are dyed to order, but will ship as soon as possible. 


Samplers are available too! These are Dyed-to-Order and may take longer to ship. 

Half Season Samplers: These samplers come with a skein of each temperature colorway (8 skeins) on your choice of 1oz or 4 oz skeins. There is a set of Cool (colors 1-8) and Warms (8-15). 

Full Season Samplers: This sampler comes with 1 skein of each colorway (15 skeins) for the entire temperature spectrum! Your choice of 1 oz or 4 oz skeins. 


Patterns are currently in tech editing and will be dropping in mid-late November.