Blossoms (New Colors Added!)

Blossoms (New Colors Added!)


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Center-pull gradient sock yarn: 4 oz., 425 yards; 80% superwash merino/20% nylon

apple blossom


Blossoms are center-pull cakes of joy!  Hand-dyed in floral-inspired gradients they are one continuous color-changing knit!  The colors magically meld into each other for a seamless color transformation.  For larger projects you can alternate between two or more cakes, for longer color sections.  Stripe with two or more cakes of different colors for fun color-play.

Blossoms are 80% superwash merino/20% nylon; great for socks, shawls, accessories, and lightweight garments.

Blossom specs: 4-ply fingering, 4-oz, 425 yards, 80% superwash merino/20% nylon

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs

18 Coral Bells, 19 Zinnia, 20 Euphorbia, 21 Liatris, 22 Delphinium, 23 Globe Thistle, 24 Jade Mar-Flower, 25 Hyacinth, 26 Roses are Red, 27 Morning Glory, 28 Muscari, 29 Bearded Iris, 30 Lanatana, 31 Heart Leaf Fern, 32 Anemone, 33 Verbascum, 34 Quince, 35 Passion Flower, 36 Apple Blossom, 37 Tulip, 38 Mertensia, 39 Lilac, 40 Lichen, 41 Gladiola, 42 Lady's Mantle, 43 Eucalyptus, 44 Aquilegia, 45 Fuschia Macrantha, 46 Sweet William, Bittersweet (Limited Edition), Foxglove (Limited Edition), Helianthus (Limited Edition), 1 African Daisy, 10 Cactus Flower, 11 Trillium, 12 Canopy, 13 Monk's Hood, 14 Chrysanthemum, 15 Baptisia, 16 Dusty Miller, 17 Bronze Amaranth, 2 Himalayan Poppy, 3 King Protea, 4 Dahlia, 5 Clematis, 6 Stonecrop, 7 Lady Slipper, 8 Hydrangea, 9 Sage

1 review for Blossoms (New Colors Added!)

  1. Jude

    I love this yarn! I bought it at the suggestion of my LYS and made the Antarktis Shawl with it. It was just stunning- the prettiest thing I think I’ve ever made. BUT, a friend saw it and wanted it and it somehow got lost in the translation that it wasn’t a giveaway. Anyway, I’m a good friend so it’s hers. I tried to find the yarn again but the LYS didn’t have it. I’m excited to find it here and will make another shawl for me!

    So fun to knit with and watch the colors come out. Even my husband was enthralled!

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