Combo Kit

Combo Kit

Wonderland Yarns

Mad Hatter sport




Mad Hatter sport, one 4-oz skein plus five 1-oz skeins, patterns included



Our Combo Kits take the guesswork out of color combining with these pairings of some of our most popular colorways! Each Combo Pack is a full-size 4-oz skein with a coordinating Mini Skein Pack of five 1-oz skeins.

Use the Combo Pack for striping projects, like our Infinite Stripes Cowl or Which Way shawl patterns (included in the kit!), and other popular projects. Check out our Pattern Suggestion page for more ideas!

Kit totals 774 yards (344 yards per 4-oz skein, 86 yards per 1-oz skein), 9 oz.

Hand-dyed in Brattleboro, VT

Additional information

Weight .5625 lbs

#1 Rose's Remark ♥s Too Much Pepper, #2 Too Much Pepper ♥s Off with Her Red!, #4 White Rabbit ♥s Golden Afternoon, #5 Little Busy Bee ♥s Lime to Turquoise, #8 Sleeping Gryphon ♥s Coal & Scuttles, #11 Mulberry Bush ♥s Toast & Jam, #12 Little Bat ♥s Land of Wonders, #13 January ♥s Sea-Glass, #14 Tranquilification ♥s Quantity of Poetry, #15 Ink ♥s Summer Sunset, #16 Burbled ♥s Opposite of Boredom, #17 Mock Turtle ♥s Caterpillar, #999 Assorted ♥s Assorted (dyer's choice)


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