Mary Ann sock, Variegated

Mary Ann sock, Variegated

Wonderland Yarns

Mary Ann Sock


85% Merino superwash, 15% nylon fingering/sock weight

willow tree
nonsensical narr
lolly ice
fine fettle
berry cupcake
lolly ice
lime light
solar flare
sun kissed


A delightfully soft hand with the perfect smoothness and durability you want in your favorite sock yarn.

475 yards per 4 oz skein

Gauge: 28 -34 sts; Needles: US 0 – 3 recommended

Our Variegated collections range from flowing watercolors to speckles, to high drama. There’s a little something for everyone, and some rainbows for good measure!

Please see our Tonal colorway collection for all your coordinating semi-solid needs. We cover a broad but unified spectrum from necessary neutrals to soft, sweet subtle hues, to the bold and bright, and dramatic darks.

Hand-dyed TO ORDER in Brattleboro, VT
Please allow up to ten business days for shipment, as some colorways may need to be dyed. Additional yarn bases available, and more can be found at participating LYS stores.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Variegated Colorways

#335 Matcha (Tea Time Collection), 179 Citrine (Birthstones Collection), 180 Turquoise (Birthstones Collection), 185 Charasmatic Character (Opposite of Boredom Collection), 186 Willow-Tree (Opposite of Boredom Collection), 187 Nonsensical Narrative (Opposite of Boredom Collection), 188 Hysterical Hearsay (Opposite of Boredom Collection), 189 Frippery (Twisted Neutrals Collection), 189 Frippery (Twisted Neutrals), 190 Pen & Ink (Twisted Neutrals Collection), 191 Kerfuffle (Twisted Neutrals Collection), 192 Beyond the Mirror (Twisted Neutrals Collection), 193 A Lil' Bubbly, 194 Story-Teller, 195 Fine Fettle, 197 Such Cheek, 198 Berry Cupcake, 199 Lolly Ice, 215 Radiance (Luminous Colors Collection), 216 Ablaze (Luminous Colors Collection), 217 Gleam (Luminous Colors Collection), 218 Lime-Light (Luminous Colors Collection), 219 Phosphorus (Luminous Colors Collection), 220 Foxfire (Luminous Colors Collection), 221 Shiningness (Luminous Colors Collection), 222 Sparkling (Luminous Colors Collection), 223 Glimmering (Luminous Colors Collection), 224 Shimmerness (Luminous Colors Collection), 225 Glowingly (Luminous Colors Collection), 226 Outgreigeously, 227 Drift-Wood, 228 Just Because, 229 Moonbeams (Luminous Colors Collection), 230 Fireflies (Luminous Colors Collection), 231 Glint & Glow (Luminous Colors Collection), 232 Glow-Worm (Luminous Colors Collection), 233 Sea-Fire (Luminous Colors Collection), 234 Embers (Luminous Colors Collection), 235 Clusterwink (Luminous Colors Collection), 237 Incantation, 238 Merfolk, 239 Charmed, 240 Sylph, 241 Cloak & Dagger, 242 Frolic, 243 Serendipitous, 244 Kitsune, 245 Moonshade (Luminous Collection), 246 Gisli (Luminous Collection), 247 Kaede (Luminous Collection), 323 Sublime, 324 Corallium (Luminous Collection), 325 Solar Flare (Luminous Collection), 326 Sun-Kissed (Luminous Collection), 334 Elderberry Tea (Tea Time Collection), 336 Strawberry Mango Tea (Tea Time Collection), 337 Blazing Away, 338 Darjeeling (Tea Time Collection), 339 Hatbox, CB10 Sleeping in to finish a good dream. (Colorburst Collection), CB11 All the candies left in the bowl are your favorite. (Colorburst Collection), CB12 Cash in the pocket of last winter's coat. (Colorburst Collection), CB13 Tranquility of a fresh blanket of snow. (Colorburst Collection), CB14 City Lights Reflected on Wet Pavement (Colorburst Collection), CB15 Small Victories on a Monday, CB15 Small Victories on a Monday (Colorburst Collection), CB16 Louging Lazily on a Dreary Day (Colorburst Collection), CB17 The Scent of Old Books, CB22 An Inkling of Something Brilliant, CB9 Your favorite shirt, fresh from the wash. (Colorburst Collection), 101 Curtsey (Uncommon Nonsense Collection), 102 Exactually (Uncommon Nonsense Collection), 103 Fabulous Monsters (Uncommon Nonsense Collection), 104 Flower-bed (Uncommon Nonsense Collection), 105 Happy Summer Days (Uncommon Nonsense Collection), 106 Jam To-day (Uncommon Nonsense Collection), 107 Monstrous Crow (Uncommon Nonsense Collection), 109 Wise Fish (Uncommon Nonsense Collection), 112 River-bank (Uncommon Nonsense Collection), 113 So Bright & Sticky (Uncommon Nonsense Collection), 114 In a Half-dream (Uncommon Nonsense Collection), 117 January (A Year in Color Collection), 118 February (A Year in Color Collection), 119 March (A Year in Color Collection), 120 April (A Year in Color Collection), 121 May (A Year in Color Collection), 122 June (A Year in Color Collection), 123 July (A Year in Color Collection), 124 August (A Year in Color Collection), 125 September (A Year in Color Collection), 126 October (A Year in Color Collection), 127 November (A Year in Color Collection), 128 December (A Year in Color Collection), 129 Twinkle (Wild Ones Collection), 130 Eyes of Flame (Land of Wonders Collection), 131 Summer Suns (Land of Wonders Collection), 132 Dreamy Feeling (Land of Wonders Collection), 133 Certain Twilights (Land of Wonders Collection), 134 Far-off Land (Land of Wonders Collection), 135 Snark (Wild Ones Collection), 136 Such Beauties, 137 Out to Sea (Wild Ones Collection), 138 Bandersnatch (Wild Ones Collection), 139 In Autumn (Wild Ones Collection), 140 No-How! (Wild Ones Collection), 141 Splash! (Wild Ones Collection), 142 Stolen Tarts! (Wild Ones Collection), 143 Wow! Wow! Wow! (Wild Ones Collection), 144 What Fun! (Wild Ones Collection), 145 Rattlesnake! (Wild Ones Collection), 150 Pink Before You Act! (Mad Tea Party Collection), 151 Not-so-shy Violet (Mad Tea Party Collection), 152 Black & Blueberry (Mad Tea Party Collection), 153 Only Lime Will Tell (Mad Tea Party Collection), 154 Bee Yourself (Mad Tea Party Collection), 156 Earl Grey (Tea Time Collection), 157 Cranberry Scone (Tea Time Collection), 158 Biscotti (Tea Time Collection), 159 Petit-four (Tea Time Collection), 160 Blueberry Tart (Tea Time Collection), 161 Mint Chocolate (Tea Time Collection), 162 Orange You Glad (Mad Tea Party Collection), 163 Salt & Pepper (Tea Time Collection), 164 Lavender Macaron (Tea Time Collection), 165 Peach Pie (Tea Time Collection), 166 Victorian China (Tea Time Collection), 167 Whortleberry Jam (Tea Time Collection), 168 Raspberry Truffle (Tea Time Collection), 169 Garnet (Birthstones Collection), 170 Amethyst (Birthstones Collection), 171 Aquamarine (Birthstones Collection), 172 Diamond (Birthstones Collection), 173 Emerald (Birthstones Collection), 174 Black Pearl (Birthstones Collection), 175 Ruby (Birthstones Collection), 176 Peridot (Birthstones Collection), 177 Sapphire (Birthstones Collection), 178 Opal (Birthstones Collection), 300 All Aglow (Wild Ones Collection), 301 Ethereal Spirit (Wild Ones Collection), 302 Soul's Affection (Wild Ones Collection), 303 End of the Wood (Wild Ones Collection), 304 Twinkling of Tea (Wild Ones Collection), 305 Nest of Gladness (Wild Ones Collection), 306 Shooting Stars (Wild Ones Collection), 307 Literature Love (Opposite of Boredom Collection), 308 Curious Tale (Opposite of Boredom Collection), 309 Imaginary Place (Opposite of Boredom Collection), 310 Colorful Words (Opposite of Boredom Collection), 311 Between the Lines (Opposite of Boredom Collection), 312 Chalice of Poetry (Opposite of Boredom Collection), 313 First Edition (Opposite of Boredom Collection), 314 Sake of Simplicity (Out of Print Collection), 315 Melancholy Maiden (Out of Print Collection), 316 Daydream (Out of Print Collection), 317 Moody Madness (Out of Print Collection), 318 Dreamy Weather (Out of Print Collection), 320 Laying in Larkspur (Wild Ones Collection), CB1 Dandelion In a Sidewalk Crack (Color Burst Collection), CB2 Blue Skies & Rainbows (Color Burst Collection), CB3 Crackling Fire on a Chilly Day (Color Burst Collection), CB4 Rainy-day Rainbow (Color Burst Collection), CB5 An All-night Diner in the Middle of Nowhere (Color Burst Collection), CB6 Finding a Perfectly Smooth Sea-glass Pebble (Color Burst Collection), CB7 Wildflowers on Your Bedside Table (Color Burst Collection), CB8 That Magical First Kiss (Color Burst Collection)


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