Luminous Colors Collection

Luminous Colors Collection

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Luminous Colors Collection

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solar flare
sun kissed
lime light


Luminous Colors Collection

Our Fall colors are rich, saturated, irresistible colors that shimmer and glow.

With the current popularity of knitting “fade” garments, we wanted a series of yarn colors that capture the interest and depth of a variegated, the rich color of a tonal, and have them all work together seamlessly. Every colorway in this series has highs and lows of a main color, with splashes and specks of other colors. Each will set alight your creative spirit and make your projects glow!

If ordering for the Changing Seasons MKAL/MCAL, these colors are used:
HOT – Solar Flare, Radiance, Corallium, Ablaze, Gleam
MILD – Glimmering, Shiningness, Foxfire, Lime Light, and Sun-Kissed
ICY – Shimmerness, and Sparking (The remaining 3 colors are found in our variegated yarns – Lolly Ice, Frippery, & Kerfuffle)

Luminous Colors are available in 4 oz skeins of these weights:

  • Alice *new* – 70% superwash merino, 30% silk, DK, 242 yards ($32.00)
  • Cheshire Cat- 100% superwash merino, fingering, 512 yards ($26.50)
  • Mad Hatter- 100% superwash merino, sport- 344 yards ($26.50)
  • March Hare- 100% superwash merino, worsted- 184 yards ($26.50)
  • Mary Ann- 85% superwash merino/15% nylon, fingering- 475 yards ($26.50)
  • Queen of Hearts- MCN (merino/cashmere/nylon), fingering superwash- 420 yards ($30.50)
  • TweedleDeeDum- 100% superwash merino, bulky- 87 yards ($26.50)
  • Unicorn*- 60% silk/23% kid mohair/11% nylon/3% lurex sport (no speckle)- *3.5oz, 310 yards ($42.50)


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Luminous Colors

#245 Moonshade, #246 Gisli, #247 Kaede, #324 Corallium, #325 Solar Flare, #326 Sun-Kissed, Ablaze- #216, Clusterwink- #235, Embers- #234, Fireflies- #230, Foxfire- #220, Gleam- #217, Glimmering- #223, Glint & Glow- #231, Glow-Worm- #232, Glowingly- #225, Lime-Light- #218, Moonbeams- #229, Phosphorus- #219, Radiance- #215, Sea-fire- #233, Shimmerness- #224, Shiningness- #221, Sparkling- #222

2 reviews for Luminous Colors Collection

  1. Frances Marie Knight

    Hi, I’m not sure if this is the right catergory to put this under. I bought a package of your 5 mini-skeins a few weeks ago.I believed the label was “The middle of the Middle” and the wear a lovely blue and green. Anyway, I wanted to see how much I really adore the luminous yarn, your company it putting out. I’ve been starting at my package since it arrived because I’m scared to use it and really want to save it for a special occasionals. I had plans to purchase you “Into the Flower Bed” holographic granny square keepsake blanket. It was just at the same time the school had to let some staff leave for summer early, and I don’t get paid for that. It was almost like a comsic joke, but I got so close but then the special education department I worked for locked its door. I haven’t lost hope in any case. I’m still saving a planning on buying you Holographic CAL and some of the lovely other stuff your company makes. I would love to be in the room, just to watch the magic happened. Sorry if this is pestering you. I go through these phases where I fall in love with a hobby or activity and drive everyone, especially my husband insane. I just want to leave a 5 star rating because your shop is amazing. NO one else is doing anything like it. You have a loyal customer, here in Oklahoma. The state sucks but I will try to be as consistent a customer as I can until the covid passes and I can go back to teacher. Have a lovely evening. -Super Dork Marie Knight

  2. Grace Stamper

    Hi Marie! Thank you for all your support! 😀 We love hearing that our yarn makes you happy and hope that you are able to do the Holographic CAL in the future!

  3. Meredith

    I really love the greens in this collection – I was finalizing my order at a store online and looked you up because the colors are so vibrant and I didn’t want to settle for not getting all of the greens. And oh! Look! I can fix that. 😀

    Your newest fan

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